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Innostar service Inc.

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Innostar service Inc. is a solution provider of precision automation equipment since its establishment in 2004. Our R&D innovations over past 16 years find us today with highly - specialized expertise in the technologies of smart production and intelligent module with a variety of patents and certifications.
Our capabilities include a wide range of applications in precision optics manufacturing & assembly, semiconductor probe automated insertion, Mini/Micro LED automated test & repair, 5G vapor chamber smart production and autostereoscopic imaging system.
In close collaboration with leading customers in various industries, we greatly improve production efficiency and elevate product value for their global success with our innovative smart automated technologies.

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Innovation breakthrough, Service Innovation.

Business Scopes



Automated Machinery for Lens Cutting

Assembly / Glue Dispensing / Calibration


MEMS Probe Automated Insertion machinery

Pogo Pin Automated Insertion machinery

FDR Measurement Machinery

Cobra Pin Automated Insertion Machinery

Femtosecond Laser Drilling Machinery

5G Vapor Chamber

5G Vapor Chamber Contract Manufacturing

5 G Vapor Chamber Automated Machinery

Mini/Micro LED

Automated Laser Micro Machining Machinery

Mass Transfer Machinery

Automated LED Testing Machinery

Automated AI Laser Repair Machinery


4K 3D Surgical Microscope

4K 3D Dental Microscope

3D Autostereoscopic Display


Product applications in Optical / Semiconductor / LED / 5G Heat Dissipation/ Medical Industries.
Choose a career in creating the technologies that are changing the world.


Choose a career in creating the technologies that are changing the world.

At Innostar Service Inc., you have the opportunity to advance your career in a way no other company or environment can offer.

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